Friday, January 31, 2014

Steve Ellis Art Reception at Conde Nast

"Broken Snow Globe"
The Durst Organization and Chashama held a memorable art reception for Steve Ellis in the lobby of the Conde Nast building in 4 Times Square. His paintings portray vibrant pop culture iconography  with meaningful graphics that are very NYC relevant. "His intricate details urge viewers to be ever aware of their vivid surroundings". The work was curated by Janusz Jaworski and the paintings can be seen from Monday- Friday until March 17, 2014.

"The Ghost of Easy Rider"

"Hit Record"

"City Pigeon (El Pluribis Unum Loisaida)" 

"Broken Snow Globe (Sandy 3012)"

"Big Candy Apple"

"Storm Warning Lighter"

The ambience at the event

"Black Out"

"Coming Soon to Times Square"
"Coming Soon To Times Square"

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